The Solar Water Heating System Facility in Egypt for the Red Sea and South Sinai Hotels , "Egysol"

1- Solar Atlas

The Solar Atlas was issued in 1991,  indicating that Egypt as one of the sun belt countries is endowed with high intensity of direct solar radiation ranging between 1970 – 2600 kwh / m2 / year from North to South. The sunshine duration ranges from 9 – 11 hours with few cloudy days all over the year .

(a) Kuraymat Solar Thermal Power Plant (140 MW). 

 The project site at Kuraymat nearly 90km South Cairo, has been selected due to:

 (1) An uninhabited flat desert land .

 (2) High intensity direct solar radiation reaches to 2400 kWh /m2 / year.

 (3) An extended unified power grid and expanded natural gas pipelines.

 (4) near to the sources of water (the River Nile).

The project site

Components of the project:-

Combined Cycle Island

  Typical Combined Cycle power plant consists of :-

 On September 30th, 2007 NREA signed an EPC contract with a Spanish company (Iberdrola) for the combined cycle island, which is expected to be commited at July 2011



Solar Island :-

The solar field consists of :-

Parallel rows of 1920 Solar Collectors into sets of typical U-shaped glass mirrors forming parabolic troughs. The trough focuses solar energy on an absorber pipe located along its focal line (Heat Collection Element "HCE"). The solar collectors are connected in series and parallel to produce the required heat energy by tracking the sun from east to west while rotating on

a north-south axis

A model for parabolic trough collector

A heat transfer fluid (HTF), (typically synthetic oil) is circulated through the receiver heated to 393 Celsius at 20 bar. The fluid is pumped to a heat exchanger to generate steam that can be superheated in the HRSGs and integrated with the steam generated from the Combined Cycle (CC) before introducing it to the Steam Turbine (ST) to generate electricity.

Sun tracking during the day

On October 21st, 2007 NREA signed an EPC contract and two years operation and maintenance services contract with Orascom (an Egyptian Construction & Industries Company) for the solar island. The 1st solar collector is erected at the site in Jan 2009 .

Summary of Technical Parameters

Capacity of Solar portion (MWe)


Capacity of gas turbine (MWe)


Capacity of steam turbine (MWe)


Net electric energy (GWhe/a)


Solar electric energy (GWhe/a)


Solar share(%)


Fuel saving due to the solar portion (T.O.E / a)


CO2 reduction (T / a)


v NREA contracted a consultant for the project execution and two warranty years in Feb. 2008.

v The GEF has granted $ 49.8 mio. The agreement was signed with the Ministry of International Cooperation on  December 16th,  2007.

v The project is expected to be operated by July 2011

Objectives of the Project

o - The project which is one of 3 similar projects to be implemented in Africa (Egypt, Algeria & Morocco), will contribute in improving the local capacity to undertake such projects through technology and know how transfer.

o - Exploitation of the abundant solar resource by technically matured technology

o - Enhancement of the local industrial capabilities

o - Creation of new job opportunities in the relevant fields.


(c) - Solar Water Heating.

Cooperation with the International Medical Center at Cairo/Ismailia high way, to erect solar water heating system for domestic purposes, in terms of technical consultancy services and supervision of the implementation. The project was commissioned in Feb. 2008.

- 100 Mw Kom Ombo CSP project description

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